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Mastermind Chocolate Shroomicorns Psilocybin Cubensis Information

Mastermind Chocolate Shroomicorns Psilocybin Cubensis make micro-dosing and tripping easy and delicious. These convenient little packets contain 2 x 500mg Shroomicorns, for a total of 1000mg (1 gram) dose of psilocybin cubensis. Osmosis expertly mixes these Shroomicorns to take all the guesswork out of accurate dosing. In addition, these psychedelic treats are made with luscious premium chocolate. They are perfect for users who dislike the taste of Psilocybin Cubensis. For instance, their earthy taste is perfectly masked by the chocolate. Cocoa, a powerful antioxidant and nutritional powerhouse facilitates optimal blood flow and also contains caffeine. As a result, it is an ideal carrier for psilocybin cubensis and also intensifies its effects. You should store these chocolates in a cool, dry place or the refrigerator for longer shelf life.

Chocolate Shroomicorns by Mastermind Journey & Effects

Micro-dosing Psilocybin Cubensis products is simply the practice of ingesting significantly smaller doses. As a result, users hope to achieve a predominantly medicinal or psychoactive effect as opposed to a psychotropic one. The benefits can be equally potent. However,  the experience is far mellower and can be enjoyed safely by beginners without a spotter.

Mastermind Chocolates contain Psilocybin Cubensis strain mushrooms. They are extremely popular psilocybin and psilocin-containing hallucinogens. Doses of 500mg and up can cause extra-sensory hallucinations, referred to as tripping. However,  with micro-doses of 200mg and lower the psychotropic effects are softer and barely felt. Rather, you may experience sensations of overall physical and emotional well-being and sensitivity to sensation and touch.

How to use Magic Mushroom Shroomicorns

Mastermind Chocolate Shroomicorns Psilocybin Cubensis contain 500mg each of Psilocybin for a total of 1000mg per package. This dosage puts Shroomicorns at a crossroads between micro-dosing and tripping, so use cautiously. Half a Shroomicorn is a micro-dose of roughly 250mg. However, two whole chocolates will likely provide a novice with a hallucinogenic trip at 1 gram. We recommend that you eat one, or half at a time. Above all, you should be waiting 30-60 minutes for the effects to take hold before deciding to eat another dose.

Experienced and veteran trippers looking for a more mystical, transcendent experience, should aim to have another bag or two of Shroomicorns on hand and dose accordingly. Alternatively, veterans can grab the Massimo-sized Mastermind Dark Chocolate Funghi Bar or Milk Chocolate Funghi Bar for a whopping 5 grams of chocolate-covered fun.

It is important when micro-dosing to mentally prepare and set your intentions ahead of time in order to get the most out of your experience. In stark contrast to micro-dosing, tripping requires a completely different state of mind and approach.

Using Psilocybin

If you’re choosing Mastermind Chocolate Shroomicorns for a first-time trip, we strongly suggest that you ask a spotter to be present for you. For instance, this could be someone close and trusted who is either completely sober or a seasoned, well-informed tripper.

Either way, you should share your trip with people you enjoy being around. Mushrooms bring down a lot of emotional defences and barriers. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you only partake when you have plenty of time to enjoy them. Similarly, you should ensure that you are around people you sincerely trust. This can be a fun, potentially profound or even life-changing experience. As a result, it is worth taking the time to set it up properly to maximize your enjoyment. This will mostly eliminate any chance of having a bad trip. With good people, good vibes and a sound state of mind, you’ll have a great time. 

If you’re looking for more information on Psilocybin, check out our blog page Psilocybin 101: A guide to Psilocybin and its effects.

1 review for Chocolate Shroomicorns by Mastermind

  1. Walter

    Delicious little mushroom chocolates, I ate both of them and was not at all disappointed.

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