CBD Dana

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Hemp Strain

Cannabinoid Range up to 14% CBD – 0.3% THC


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CBD Dana Hemp Strain

This CBD Dana Hemp Strain is a testament to the ever-growing public interest in the medicinal qualities of the marijuana plant. It was recently developed and released by biotech firm Alliance Growers. Above all, CBD Dana showcases the incredible versatility of the Cannabis plant. With an exceedingly high range of up to 14% CBD and almost no THC, CBD Dana is the perfect way to bring marijuana home to your conservative parents. In other words, no funny business, just straight-up, serious medicine for an assortment of aches and pains.


You could be forgiven for mistaking CBD Dana flowers for indica or Sativa cannabis buds. For instance, they are, after all, from the same plant. If you are an experienced marijuana smoker, the key difference will be immediately apparent. With deficient levels of THC, the development of trichome crystals is significantly inhibited. Seeing a perfectly cultivated marijuana flower’s leaves and pistils as they are without heaps of sticky resin is a bit strange for those with an experienced eye. In addition, with the absence of sparkling, defined trichomes, CBD Dana’s dark purple and minty green leaves are soft and fuzzy to the touch. They have a light dusting of soft, powdery resin. Finally, burnt orange pistils give a peachy hue to this multi-coloured, delicately fragrant bud.

*DISCLAIMER* As a result of how this hemp-cross strain grows, the buds are all pretty small, just a warning.

Effects of CBD Dana Hemp Strain

Cannabinoid Range: up to 14% CBD, .3% THC

Increased interest and research into the human endocannabinoid system has drawn attention to its essential regulatory effects. These effects are constantly acting throughout the brain and body. Hemp Strains collaborate with this system, acting to restore the balance between crucial neurotransmitters. For example, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and others are all affected by CBD. CBD Dana Hemp strain is a gentle, smooth smoke. It allows you to take advantage of these beneficial, restorative cannabis effects without the buzz of an indica or Sativa cannabis strain.

Novice and experienced marijuana enthusiasts might consider keeping some CBD Dana Hemp around for a tolerance break. It’s also ideal for anyone who loves smoking but wants to side-step the devastating, carcinogenic effects of cigarettes and tobacco. In conclusion, CBD Dana Hemp Strain gives new meaning to the term “god plant.”

The CBD Dana Hemp Strain Experience

Effects & Feeling

Relaxed, Well-being

Helps With & May Relieve

ADD/ADHD, Appetite Loss, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Headaches, Hyperactivity, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, PMS, Stress


Herbal, Floral, Warm spice


Herbal, Floral, Warm spice

Relief without the grief

These strains are commonly used for medicinal purposes. Due to their high CBC: THC content, CBD dominant strains are a proven method of reducing inflammation and swelling. As a result, people often. Use them for improving mobility and enhancing mood. Similarly, these strains are also an excellent method of combating depression and anxiety. In addition, they are perfect for social situations, providing relief from any of the above-mentioned symptoms without causing euphoria or altering cognition. Alternatively, you can use them to help focus on a task at hand. This makes CBD dominant strains ideal for any time of day.

How do I choose the right Strain?

There are many different CBD dominant options with varied CBD: THC ratios, like the CBD Dana Hemp Strain. Above all, we always preach the same advice with all of our products, start low and go slow. In other words, start with a strain that has low CBD and THC and see how it affects you. If you are comfortable with the effects, try increasing CBD while keeping THC to a minimum. Because Cannabis affects everyone differently, it is impossible to define each user’s experience. We always recommend starting with lower doses. Remember, safety first. Once you are comfortable, you can increase your dosage until you find the balance that best suits your needs.

2 reviews for CBD Dana

  1. Dave

    This one is superlight, good for during the day. Great to relax.

  2. Charlie

    Highly recommend it for pain relief. I’m a former weed smoker, just couldn’t handle how strong today’s weed is, but this was perfect. All the soothing relief without the busy head noise. Will definitely be ordering more!

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