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One 250mg CBD cartridge

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CBD Vape Carts

Vancouver-based, FeelCBD offers cannabis products of the highest quality and standards. Their goal is to bring together the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil and plant-based essential oils to create wellness experiences that will enhance your quality of life. They make all of their products with care in small batches. As a result, you get only the best of their natural ingredients.

CBD Cartridges by FeelCBD are a full spectrum hemp extract packed with natural terpenes. FeelCBD Carts contain no THC, PG, VG or Vitamin E. These carts are infused with natural ingredients like ylang-ylang, wild orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, bergamot, vanilla oil and more for added soothing effects.


Full-spectrum CBD to help provide relief from pain, swelling, anxiety, depression and more. Naturally flavoured and perfect for anytime use.


Packed with essential peppermint, vanilla and lavender oils. These carts are perfect for focusing your mind. Similarly, they can help you find your place of Zen.


Fortified with essential chamomile, spearmint and eucalyptus oils. These carts are incredibly relaxing and help ease you into a nice, deep sleep. As a result, this Cart is the most popular in the FeelCBD lineup.


Infused with essential wild orange, lime and bergamot oils. These carts provide a boost of energy and antioxidants while improving immune functionality. Above all, they are perfect to help bring you back to yourself.


Combined with essential ylang ylang, grapefruit and vanilla oils. These carts help bring harmony back into your life. in addition, these FeelCBD carts are perfect for calming that voice in your head and helping you stay focused on the task in front of you.

These carts work best with variable-setting vape pens like the Voltair VV Vape Pen.


Natural, Calm, Sleep, Revive, Balance



1 review for CBD Cartridges by FeelCBD

  1. Michelle

    I have been a long-time sufferer of anxiety and anxiety-related depression. On some rare occasions, I will smoke a little bit of weed, but it affects me very strongly and I can’t really do anything afterwards. My boyfriend brought home the Calm cartridge for me to try with his pen and it was perfect. You can’t really feel anything off the bat, but 10 minutes later I was much more relaxed and able to carry on with my day. Very happy to have this in my life

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