Buzzed – THCA Diamond Caviar (Rockstar Kush)

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Indica dominant effects


THCA Diamond Caviar by Buzzed

Our caviar uses premium THCA Diamonds, blended with Rockstar cannabis terpene-rich sauce to bring the perfect combination of strong effects and rich flavours.

A terpene-rich extract with large amounts of THCA known as diamonds. This concentrate starts with only the highest quality fresh frozen flower. It is then extracted using light hydrocarbons and our own unique process. Diamond caviar is an extremely potent and intensely flavorful concentrate that will please any connoisseur.

What is THCA Diamond Caviar?

The term Diamond Caviar is used to refer to the crystalline structures that develop in the production of Sauce. They are clearly visible in the mixture after the removal of the initial terpene sauce. As a result, a residual sauce usually covers these crystals.

Using THCA Diamond Caviar

In their raw form, Diamonds don’t contain any active ingredients. As a result, if you add them to food they’re ineffective. The only way to enjoy the purity and strength of Diamond Caviar is to heat it past 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It isn’t until reaching this temperature that the THC will be activated and released. We recommend using a dab rig for the best results. Just like with all of our products we recommend you follow one simple mantra; Start Low and Go Slow. If you are new to Concentrates, we recommend starting with a lower concentration before using Diamonds.

The impacts of using THC diamonds are intense and not for the faint of heart. When comparing THC crystals to the average marijuana plant, it is easy to see the difference to get an idea of the possible experience you should expect. Cannabis flowers contain an average of 20%-30% THC, and THC diamonds contain almost a full 100%. The potency of using THC crystals is 4 times stronger than that of your common dried herb.


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2 reviews for Buzzed – THCA Diamond Caviar (Rockstar Kush)

  1. Ian

    Super strong. great taste, no solvent taste. Beautiful little caviar balls. Amazing price. What else can I say?

  2. Jan

    Decent price, taste, and potency.

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