Bonafide – Indica Fruit Cubes (300mg THC)

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30 x 10mg THC Fruit Cubes (Indica).

Blue Raspberry flavoured THC Gummies.

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Indica Blue Raspberry Fruit Cubes by Bonafide

These Gummies are delicious, fruit-flavoured cannabis edibles. Each package contains 30 Fruit Cubes.

Bonafide ensures that every package contains the highest quality, ethically sourced, vegan & organic ingredients. Our lab-tested products provide a consistent delivery method for the ingestion of cannabis. Now take a load off, kick your feet up and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer!

How to use Fruit Cubes THC Gummy Edibles

When should you use it:

The typical use for Indica is at night time before bed. The typical use for Hybrid is throughout the day or at night. The best of both worlds. The typical use for Sativa is during the day. THC is psychoactive and should be used responsibly and slowly.

Best way to ingest: Start with one cube and work your way up. Wait up to 90 minutes to achieve full effects before continuing.

Best used for: Pain management, increasing the good vibrations, reducing anxious or negative thoughts, as a sleep aid, or as a prelude to cuddles.


-All-natural, botanically-derived ingredients.

-Locally grown, 100% organic, non-GMO cannabis, manufactured in Canada.

-Completely free of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

-Every batch is lab tested for quality and consistency.

-No additives – just full-spectrum THC extract and MCT oil.

Vegan; no animal-derived ingredients including gelatin, fats, oils, and musks.

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Fruit Juice, Pectin, Citric Acid, Guar Gum, THC Cannabis Extract


Blue Raspberry (Indica), Party Pack (Hybrid), Watermelon (Sativa)



14 reviews for Bonafide – Indica Fruit Cubes (300mg THC)

  1. Robyn

    Affordable pain relief that works but not too strong.

  2. Cameron

    Awesome flavour and even better high. These are good!

  3. James

    Awesome tasting and took a couple before bedtime. Very relaxing, hard hitting and an amazing sleep. Really great price, especially for fitting some in a pill case to take in my pocket.

  4. Anonymous

    dosage seems small relative to strength but overall I like and would buy again.

  5. Sherri

    Love these gummies, and one of the few places that has them

  6. Joshua

    Have tried these before and they always hit the spot! Can’t do better than 11 bucks for 300 mg of infused gummy’s using only organic ingredients! Worth every penny! And great for sleep.

  7. Daniel

    Beauty ☺️

  8. Nick

    Must haves. We order them all the time

  9. Chris

    Nice dosage.

  10. Lindsey

    Tried these for the first time and was pleasantly surprised! Tasty, easy to dose as they are already separate little cubes

  11. Nick

    Best gummies on the market

  12. Nick

    Super tasty and hit very nicely. One of the better edibles I’ve had

  13. Todd

    These Bona Fide Party Packs are super tasty and pack a punch! Had a few snowboarding a couple weekends back and they did the trick! Great day on the hill.

  14. Alice

    The pieces are a little small and surgery but wow, that’s a great price. I paid 5x that price for an equivalent product at the Gov store.

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