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2 x 0.75g Cones in a smell proof container

80% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Banana Clips Pre-Rolled Joints

These Banana Clips Pre-Rolled Joints are an extremely delicious and potent 80% indica dominant hybrid. Banana Clips is a wonderful cross of Strawberry Banana and the Grizzly Purple Kush strains. It’s the perfect strain for those who prefer a heavier indica, but with the flavour and mouthfeel of a lighter Sativa. Banana Clips has a sweet banana, fruit and flowery taste, the perfect flavour for summertime. The aroma is very similar, adding notes of spice and pepper. However, don’t let the flavour fool you; Banana Clips packs a serious punch, leaving even the most experienced smokers on the couch.


Banana Clips has small to medium cone-shaped nuggets. Though the nuggets themselves range from a pale gr=een to forest green, all of these little nuggets are completely covered in orange hairs, making the buds appear to be redder than they actually are. Flavours of bubblegum, spice and fruit make this one of the more sought-after indica dominant hybrids, staying away from the heavy gas smells and staying with something more approachable.


Cannabinoid Range: up to 21% THC

Though Banana Clips has the taste and smoke of a lighter strain, the effects are most definitely indica dominant. The high starts with creative bursts and euphoria, relaxing the mind and leaving the body feeling light and tingly. As the mind continues to soar, a wave of relaxation takes over the whole body, easing you into a calm and deeply docile state. Banana Clips is excellent for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, insomnia, chronic stress, depression, and other mood disorders.

Pre-Rolled Joints by SacredMeds

Banana Clips Pre-Rolled Joints by Sacred Meds are made from fresh BC Bud. We pride ourselves in offering convenient access to Cannabis. What is more convenient than joints that are already rolled for you? Sacred Pre-Rolls are a great way to enjoy Cannabis when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. We believe that using Cannabis should be as easy as possible. It is with this in mind that we offer a variety of pre-rolled Cannabis for you to enjoy.

When our orders come in, we inspect every bag and check every nug. The little Cannabis nuggets that we don’t deem worthy to sell are ground up and rolled for you t enjoy. In other words, all of our Pre-Rolled Joints are made from fresh Cannabis flower only. We never use any shake or trim in our Sacred Pre-Rolls, ever. Trust us, we have MUCH more exciting things to do with it. Instead, we offer only premium Pre Rolls made from the best BC Craft Cannabis we can find.

Our Fresh BC Cannabis Commitment

At Sacred Meds, we take our commitment to Cannabis very seriously. We were growers and activists long before we ever moved online. This experience shows in the quality of Cannabis we offer to you, every time. We stock the top-rated and most sought-after strains from across British Columbia. Our team of cultivation experts is second to none, as a result, we only provide BC’s finest Craft Cannabis. That same Craft Cannabis goes into all of our Sacred Pre-Rolls.


Sativa, Hybrid, Indica

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  1. Yolanda

    Great Indica pr’s, nice flavour and very fresh, wasn’t expecting that.

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