Afghani Hash Plant Smalls

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Indica Dominant Hybrid – 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

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Afghani Hash Plant Indica Strain Information

***Disclaimer*** The buds from this batch are relatively small, hence the discount in price.

This Afghani Hash Plant Indica strain is a noteworthy classic. It is a cross between Hash Plant and classic Afghani cannabis strains. As a result, this 90% indica dominant hybrid is a well-known, beloved household name. The mere scent will trigger intense nostalgia for inexperienced, old-school smokers. In addition, it provides a happy, go-lucky, heavy-lidded indica-lover’s smoke. Afghani Hash Plant’s cannabinoid range is well-balanced, producing mellow psychoactive effects.

Even novice smokers will recognize the classic terpene profile filled with woody, pine-infused aromatics. Similarly, it possesses hints of earth and citrus. Finally, it has the unmistakable signature ‘hashy’ undertone of frankincense and black pepper. While a warming body buzz takes hold, an upbeat disposition and engaged curiosity slowly creep in. Afghani Hash Plant is a powerful pain inhibitor. Afghani Hash Plant can treat gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, anxiety and many other mind and body concerns.


Afghani Hash Plant has light sage green buds with leaves of dark forest greens. These colours create gorgeous contrast in small clusters. After that, delicate, winding pistils of shaded gold decorate this medium-sized, cone-shaped flower. Hash Plant is a descendant of the premium marijuana plants selectively bred for their hash-producing resin. As a result, they have dank, sticky buds that will quickly gum up the toughest grinder.

Keeping the Afghani Hash Plant stored in a glass jar assists in curing the sticky buds. In addition, it serves to create definition and snap to the milky white trichomes. After that, the grinding process will require far less effort. Powerful aromatics are released as the expertly cured buds are broken up. This showcases the heady terpene content of this powerfully aromatic cannabis strain.

Effects of Afghani Hash Plant Indica Strain

Cannabinoid Range: up to 20% THC

Sativa-lovers will find this classic indica-dominant hybrid stimulating enough to avoid couch-lock. With a cannabinoid range of up to 20% THC, Afghani Hash Plant won’t overwhelm. However, it will produce just the right amount of talkative, happy distraction. The full-body buzz rolls in pleasantly alongside the happy mind high’s immediate onset. An upset stomach melts away almost immediately. As a result, Afghani Hash Plant is a perfect after-dinner indulgence. It is a must-try for those looking to expand their knowledge of the classic phenotypes of impeccably bred indica-strains.

The Afghani Hash Plant Indica Strain Experience

Effects & Feelings

Full-body Relaxation, Cerebral, Hungry, Relaxed, Stimulating, Happy, Calm, Sedated, Sleepy, Uplifting, Well-being, Talkative

Helps With & May Relieve

Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, Nightmares, Hyperactivity


Floral, Pine, Black pepper, Sweet, Oak, Soil


Damp earth, Lavender, Herbal, Black pepper, Woody

What is an Indica?

Indica Cannabis Strains trace their origins back to Hindu Kush mountain ranges along the Afghan-Pakistani border. They offer a very mellow and relaxing Cannabis experience. These plants are easily recognizable, usually with thick leaves and dark purple or blue complexion. Their buds are often dense and resinous, with a strong skunk-like aroma.

These characteristics come as a result of their growing environment. Indica plants grow lower to the ground in bunches, allowing them to combat colder, harsher growing conditions. Additionally, these plants generally grow much faster than Sativa’s and produce more buds.

Indica Strains are generally more associated with relaxation and relief than Sativa’s or Hybrids. For example. They typically have a higher CDB to THC ratio than their Sativa counterparts, making them ideal for medicinal purposes. Additionally, Indica’s usually contain a high myrcene terpene profile, which aids in relaxation.

Choosing the right Indica Strain

When deciding which strain is right for you, we recommend that you start low and go slow. If you are new to Indica’s, start with a strain with THC levels in the mid-teens and work your way up. If you’re an experience Cannabis user, some of the more potent 28%+ strains might interest you more—it all about finding the balance that is right for you. Take your time to read up on different strains and try a few similar ones to see which strain is best for your own Cannabis experience.

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  1. Janice

    OMG you guys, I’ve been looking for some decent hash plant for soooo long and here it is! One of my all time favorites, no where seems to have a good crop of ever. Thanks so much for bringing it in, you’re the best Sacred Meds!

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