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Burn is an extracts focused company providing us with products sourced from the best flower from the best growers in BC. Burn ensures their extracts embody the concept of fire in, fire out.
Burn is proud to be a premium brand of cannabis concentrates. Built on a foundation of patient trust and quality products, Burn devotes itself to delivering the best extractions. Burn is pleased to offer concentrates that patients can rely on.
Burn provides some of the best medical marijuana concentrates for patients throughout Canada. Their extracts come in a variety of potency and consistencies. In addition, Burn offers distillate, shatter, and cartridges for patients that need to medicate on the go or with discretion.
Their team works tirelessly to guarantee their medical cannabis extracts are pure and potent. All of their terpenes are derived from marijuana flowers providing genuine, full-bodied marijuana flavour in every dab or drag. In addition, Burn runs a secondary distillate process on their concentrates, creating the cleanest cannabis extracts around.

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