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a guide to cannabis edibles

Cannabis Edibles Safety Guide

The most important thing to remember when using Cannabis Edibles is that every Cannabis user has a different tolerance level. Some users need as little as 1-2mg to feel the effects, even if they are regular smokers. However, some users may require much larger doses to achieve similar effects. In addition, tolerance levels may increase …

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Fibromyalgia and cannabis

Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a sensitive subject for many people. It can be an extremely debilitating disease, causing chronic pain, chronic fatigue and cognitive disorders. Those who have Fibromyalgia may experience headaches, nausea, and inflammation of the muscles and joints. Many suffer silently; with mood disorders, anxiety and depression often occurring as a result or as a …

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cannabis cooking with

Cooking with Cannabis 101

With the radical increase in Medical Marijuana dispensaries across North America, so too has the diversity of cannabis products increased to meet new demands. Countless new products are being created every day to help customize the user experience and provide people with new and exciting ways to consume cannabis. Though in the past ten years, …

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Terpenes cannabis guide

Cannabis 103: A Guide to Terpenes

The Second most active ingredients in Cannabis are Terpenes. They play a defining role in the overall aroma of cannabis. Terpenes are what give oranges, lemons and limes their citrus smell. They are the reason you sneeze when you smell fresh cracked pepper. They make pine smell like pine, mint smell like mint, and roses …

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Cannabinoids cannabis

Cannabis 102: A guide to Cannabinoids

The primary active chemical compounds in cannabis are cannabinoids. These cannabinoids exist naturally in all strains of cannabis, and in the cells of the human body. In fact, our bodies rely heavily on cannabinoids and their interaction with our own internal Endocannabinoid System (ECS) for our general health. The ECS was discovered in the late …

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